Puppy Registration

REGISTRATION PRICE ~ $15.00 US (eForms) or $20.00 US (hardcopy) REGISTRATION PRICE ~ $15.00 US (eForms) or $20.00 US (hardcopy)
Registration is not complete without payment. You will be directed to payment screen following the submission of this application.


  • Complete form as soon as possible or before puppy is 210 days (7 1/2 months) of age
    note: If your puppy is over 6 Months of Age and under non-breeding pet contract, contact us directly about jumping directly to Permanent Non-Breeding Registration
  • Select unique name, no more than 36 characters (including spaces and special characters)
  • Puppy’s name must include breeder’s kennel name

FILL OUT FORM COMPLETELY and review carefully before submitting

  • Fill out this form completely and accurately using your Temporary Registration Application for reference. You will have received The Temporary Registration Application (also known as “Blue Papers”) from your breeder or they were emailed to you at their request.


    • • Select an unique name. The breeder’s kennel name, or last name if no kennel is registered, must be used as a prefixed or suffix. Limit name 36 characters, spaces and special symbols (hyphens, etc) included.
    • • The person who owns the puppy at the time of this application has the right to name it. However, the Registry reserves the right to refuse and return any application which duplicates a previously registered name or does not comply with the Registry rules pertaining to the naming of the puppy.
    • If puppy is less than 12 weeks old when completing this form, this step can be skipped.


  • Make any needed corrections below to your name, address, etc. that are noted on the Registration Application emailed to you. If NO changes, skip this section.



Verification (review application carefully before submitting)