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  • $38.00 Parentage Match only (genetic marker)
  • $32.00 Diversity Study (research phase), parentage match can be added at no charge
  • $63.00 Diversity Study (phase two), parentage match can be added at no charge
  • $50.00 Add On – DM testing
  • all prices in US Dollars

FAQs – We can help.

DNA kits are available to ALL Shiloh Shepherd owners, regardless of club or registry affiliation.
How TSSR is Assisting in the Shiloh Shepherd Diversity Study?

TSSR’s long-standing relationship with UC Davis has allowed us to obtain special pricing for the Shiloh Shepherd Diversity Study DNA kits (both during the research phase and beyond). TSSR is offering these kits AT COST to assist with this study. Learn More about the Study [HERE]

TSSR & UC Davis' Near 20 Year Relationship
Since 2003 the TSSR has worked with UC Davis maintaining the largest collection of Shiloh Shepherd DNA samples. Over the course of almost 20 years, over 600 samples are stored at UC Davis. Thus, we are easily able to match parentage when provided with the sire/dam DNA numbers.

How do I add Diversity Study to existing Parentage Match?

This test may be added on to an existing sample if the stored sample is large enough. The test is ordered for the above listed price and if dog will need to be re-swabbed, new kits will be sent. If the dog is deceased or unable to re-swab for any reason, a refund of the testing price will be made.

How do I add Parentage to a Diversity Test?

UC Davis Diversity Panel does NOT match for parentage DNA. Contact us if you have run this panel and need assistance getting parentage matched. UC Davis will do this match for no additional charge.

How do I add DM test to a Parentage Result?

For your convenience, UC Davis will do an add-on test for DM if their existing sampling is large enough. Contact us if you are interested in adding this test. Cost Р$50

Why isn't Embark good enough?
It is important to note that Embark may offer parentage DNA, HOWEVER, the dog + its sire and dam BOTH would need to be tested by Embark in order to match for parentage DNA

Need to DNA dual-sire litter?
We can help. Request DNA Kits  [HERE]

Special Bulk Pricing ~ $36US/each 1-3 puppies or $30US/each 4+ puppies.

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