Litter Registration

Registration is not complete without payment. You will be directed to payment screen following the submission of this application.


The following documents must be on file with the Registry or submitted with this application:

  • Payment in full (you will be directed to payment screen following the submission of this application)
  • Litter Health Report, completed & signed by licensed veterinarian when puppies are between 49-60 days will need to be sent to Registry prior to this application being processed
  • Dam & Sire – TSSR Breedable Registration Papers, or in case of non-TSSR bitch or stud, a copy of breeding registration as well as all TSSR required health certifications (hips & heart) for breeding dogs
  • DNA for both sire and dam with parentage results need to be on file, or in process at time of application
  • Dam must be no less than 24 months and no more than 90 months of age at time of birth.
  • Litter Placement information is included in this application;¬†contact is directly if you would like the Quick Report placement form instead

PHOTOS to be emailed

  • email your pictures directly to; be sure to note the litter year, sire/dam and your kennel in the subject line
  • 2 (two) pictures of the entire litter with the dam taken within 10 days of birth, and
  • 2 (two) pictures of the entire litter taken between 40-70 days (6-8 weeks) of age
  • note: the Registry reserves the right to return any pictures that fail to clearly identify any specific dog and request that the owner resubmit a better copy

FILL OUT FORM COMPLETELY and review carefully before submitting

  • If updating existing¬†Litter Registration Application, note in comment section why form is being updated.

SECTION 1 :Breeder Info & Forms Attachment

  • Did this litter have a stud fee paid or a puppy back to stud owner? If a puppy back, note name & email of stud owner on that puppy on the litter placement form/section; puppy registration form will then go to stud owner for distribution unless otherwise indicated and/or instructed.
  • Skip to SECTION #5

SECTION 2 :The Breeding


  • DAM



SECTION 3 :The Birth


SECTION 4 :The Puppies

    • collar color of individual puppy (i.e. blue collar, pink collar, white collar, etc.)
    • color that best describes the color of each individual puppy (i.e. white, black, black/cream, bi-black/cream, sable, gray sable, brown sable... note this is just a sampling of the colors available)
    • short description of each individual puppy ("white tips on toes", "almost black", "very light", "white chest", etc.)
    • more than 12 puppies? contact us for alternate method of registration
  • PUPPY #1

  • PUPPY #2

  • PUPPY #3

  • PUPPY #4

  • PUPPY #5

  • PUPPY #6

  • PUPPY #7

  • PUPPY #8

  • PUPPY #9

  • PUPPY #10

  • PUPPY #11

  • PUPPY #12


SECTION 5 :Acknowledgements

  • these acknowledgements go to owner(s) and co-owner(s) of record on sire and dam, regardless if listed above
  • Litter Health Report & photos must be submitted (either with this application or emailed to prior to Registration Applications being issued).

Verification (review application carefully before submitting)