Kennel Name Registration

Why register?

  • No one but you will be allowed to use your kennel name to register puppies, dogs or progeny.
  • Your kennel will be listed as breeder on the TSSR website.

Note: Are you a current Shiloh Shepherd breeder switching registries? Contact us directly at about kennel registration.

Breeder Code of Ethics

  • A signed copy of the TSSR Breeder Code of Ethics is required for this application, you can get it [HERE]
  • After signing, simply scan and attach to this form.

Kennel Name Registration

  • Register Your Kennel Name

  • be sure the kennel name you are requesting is not currently in use (hints: a review of breeders listed on TSSR website, ISSDC website, Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center ~the library are all good places to start)
  • Review

  • » Review your application carefully before submitting. » Once the chosen name is reserved, no other person will be allowed to register any dogs using that name except when naming progeny that specifically originated from your kennel. » One time fee of $50.00 US will be required to complete this application. You will be directed to payment page following the submission of this form. Your application is not complete without payment.