DNA Kit Request Form

BEST PRICE ~ $38.00 US BEST PRICE ~ $38.00 US
DNA kits are available to ALL Shiloh Shepherd owners, regardless of where they will be registering their dogs.

  • UC Davis maintains the largest collection of Shiloh Shepherd DNA samples (over the course of 17+ years), thus are easily able to match parentage when provided with the sire/dam DNA numbers.
  • UC Davis Diversity Panel does NOT match for parentage DNA. Contact us if you have run this panel and need assistance getting parentage matched.
  • It is important to note that while Embark may offer parentage DNA, the dog + its sire and dam would need to be tested by Embark in order to match for parentage DNA
  • Fill out the form below complete to request your DNA Kit
  • Need to request DNA Kits for an entire Litter? Go [HERE]

DNA Kit Request

  • submit the following information on your dog:

    • • DNA kit (three cheek swabs, instructions and return envelope)
    • • processing fee
    • • shipping


price effective 2/1/2021