Submitting Scanned Form

  • visit our forms section to download the necessary forms [HERE]
  • complete forms entirely, then scan as PDF
  • email scanned forms to
    be sure to include your dog’s name & sire/dam in subject line
  • follow the PAY links in our forms section to complete your submission.
    payment in full is required before forms will be processed; all payments are to be made in US Dollars
  • submit required attachments (pictures, health testing, etc) as they are completed; they will be compiled in your registration folder (be sure to include your dog’s name & sire/dam in subject line)

Scanning Apps


Scannable (apple)
[] You will prompted to create an Evernote account, but you don’t need to. The app will be fully functional without doing so.
Within the settings you will see that you can set it to scan as PDF.
Once you have scanned your document, you will be able to email it.


Smart Doc Scanner: Scan to PDF (android)
[] from their website “Use “Smart Document Scanner” as an ultimate android scanner app to scan, enhance, convert files into PDF file, OCR, convert jpeg to pdf file, add annotations, sync and file your prescriptions, invoices, contracts, bank statements, whiteboards and much more and gain accessibility to them from anywhere and at anytime. Make it your mobile scanner, receipt scanner and android scanner app on the go.”

If you have any other favorites, let us know and we’ll post them here.